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Hi 👋! I'm a Undergraduate student at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. I currently work under Prof Kaushik Mitra in the Computation Imaging Lab.


GAURA: Generalizable Approach for Unified Restoration and Rendering of Arbitrary Views
Vinayak Gupta*Girish Rongali*Mukund Varma TAyush TewariKaushik Mitra,  Under Review. 
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GSN: Generalisable Segmentation of Neural Radiance Fields
Vinayak GuptaRahul GoelDhawal SirikondaP J Narayanan,  AAAI 2024. 
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U2NeRF: Unsupervised Underwater Image Restoration and Neural Radiance Fields
Vinayak Gupta*Mukund Varma T*  Manoj S*  Kaushik Mitra  ICLR Tiny Papers 2024. 

Academic Service
  • Teaching Assistant (IIT Madras):
    • EE5178 Modern Computer Vision, Spring 2024.
    • EE5180 Introduction to Machine Learning, Spring 2023.

About Me

I am always happy to discuss / collaborate on related areas. Feel free to reach out to me via email.

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